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OUR Culture is Dark.
We Exist to be THE Light.

A BRIDGE TO THE ski and snowboard CULTURE

The ski and snowboard culture is spiritually dark and the effects of the community’s embrace of sin is evidenced in high substance abuse and addiction rates, mental health crises, disjointed transient communities and heartbreaking suicide rates. We want to see the light of Jesus changing lives and making communities whole!

We believe God’s Word calls us to find our identity in Jesus, to engage people within our culture through genuine, loving relationships and to do selfless acts for others as we share the Gospel message.

Our Mission is to B.R.I.D.G.E. the ski and snowboard culture to Jesus, partnering with the local Church.


There are 70 nations that host the “shred culture” and range from predominantly-Muslim nations in the Middle-East to post-church nations in the Western world and everything in between. SFC has acting individuals, groups, or partners in the countries below.


Local Expressions

Join the Community

If you’re a skier or a snowboarder following Jesus, then YOU are a part of this movement! Welcome to the family! No Christian snowboarder or skier should embark on this journey alone. God is using us to reach people all over the world in different contexts. Which context below sounds most like you?

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“It’s just me here…can I still be a part of this?” Of course you can! We have individuals all over the world being lights in their communities. Join now to receive access to resources, materials, and most importantly, our global community.

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When a handful of people band together to minister to their community, it has a powerful supernatural impact. By joining a group, you’ll receive specialized training and build missional momentum in your area.

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SFC is currently partnering with other ski and snowboard ministries. God is using multiple avenues to build His Kingdom here! If this is you, we’d love to encourage you by collaborating on events and sharing resources!

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You can join us by signing up for our email newsletters, prayer emails or Weekly Winter Word devotionals!

The Latest News

SFC Snoqualmie Pass

SFC Snoqualmie Pass

Jeremy Lange has been ministering in shred culture for a long time. For 13 years Jeremy and his wife lived in Denver, CO where they worked for Youth With A Mission. During his time with YWAM Jeremy collaborated with SFC. He has been a part of SFC for the last decade...

JSAW- A Midwest Ministry Partner

JSAW- A Midwest Ministry Partner

In the heart of Edina, Minnesota, resides Help Board Shop, out of which JSAW ministry runs. Surrounded by nine ski resorts, many lakes, and skate culture, Johnny Nelson and Randy Monroe recognized the need for a board sports ministry in the Twin Cities. They started...

SFC Bozeman, Montana

SFC Bozeman, Montana

In the heart of Bozeman, Montana, lies two ski resorts- Big Sky and Bridger Bowl. SFC leaders Kameron Konklin, David Hamlin, Zach Footer, and Mike Lange took ministry to the next level this season. From slope-side tailgates to wax nights hosted in Zach's garage, this...


Jesus is already changing the hearts and lives of people in the ski community, and He invites us all to be a part of His work. Over 75% of SFC’s support comes from individual donors like you. Will you join us?