The official podcast of Snowboarders + Skiers for Christ – a grassroots missions organization that exists to BRIDGE the ski/snowboard culture to Jesus by partnering with the local Church. In this podcast, we seek to encourage and equip listeners, who love Jesus and are passionate about the mountains, to carry out their God-given calling to BE A LIGHT in the shred culture.

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    The SFC Podcast


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    Why Start A Podcast?

    Podcasts are a great platform to capture stories. We want to capture stories from people all over the world who are on the hill day after day engaging with people. We want to hear how Jesus has both transformed and informed their lives. And we want to hear how Jesus is impacting and changing their communities.

    When stories are told well, they can help create direct experiences that inspire us to go out and generate incredible change.

    While there are a ton of great resources out there already there are not many podcasts that directly relate to the unique (and niche) calling of ski/snowboard ministry – meeting and ministering to people on the mountain. Our hope is that this podcast will meet that need. We hope that this podcast is a resource for people who see how dark the shred industry can be and pray that it gives them a little bit of hope.

    Support This Podcast

    The SFC Support Office creates resources for hundreds of leaders all over the world. The hope is these resources will aid them in their effort to meet and minister to people on the mountain. Support resources like this podcast and many others by giving financially to SFC. Through the button below.