Working at SFC

At the Support Office, we seek to create a unique and fun, mission-driven culture. Each member of our staff is encouraged to embody the mission of SFC in the context of their local church and shred community while spending time on the hill. We are looking for people with a calling to shred ministry, people with outstanding character and personal standards, and people who can grow to be highly competent in their work/role in the ministry.

At the Support Office, we abide by a set of values that keep us on track as we support the SFC movement across the globe.

  • ❤️ Love the Body. As uniquely gifted members of His Body, we honor, submit to, and serve one another.⁠
  • ⬆️ Seek God First. As disciples following Jesus, we seek Him for inspiration, direction and growth, individually and corporately.⁠
  • 🏂🏼 Live It Out. As stewards empowered by God, we each boldly carry the responsibility of our shared mission.⁠
  • 📣 Talk It Out. We stay united through loving, articulate and tactful communication of our thoughts and feelings with one another.⁠
  • 💥 Keep It Playful. We delight in God’s creation and His joyful spirit in us that brings life and adventure to our culture.⁠

While most members of SFC are volunteers, roles at the SFC Support Office require raising some amount of personal missionary support with the training and support of our team. The requirement for full- or part-time work is determined by the need of the position. For more information about each specific role, check out the positions listed below.

Open Positions

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Northeast USA Regional Director

Cultivate, equip, strengthen, and encourage SFC individuals, groups, partners and shred ministry across the Northeast Region. This region spans from New York to Maine. As a Regional Director, you will be responsible for mentoring SFC leaders. You will fill a key role in the growth and sustainability of SFC by engaging and leading individuals, groups, and partners through a relationship with the ministry network. The role also includes caring for the larger Christian ski and snowboard community in your region, networking with churches, and other ministries, taking charge of the vision within your region.

More details and information on how to apply in the job description.


If you have a question or aren’t sure who to contact, we’d love for you to reach out to us at the Support Office. We’re here for you!

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