Leader Resources

We’re stoked you’re Here

Welcome to the SFC Community. We’re super excited to have you join us on mission in the shred culture. We know that you will make a huge impact on your community by being A Light on the Hill. Check out the leadership resources we’ve compiled below

Trail Map

Catch the Mission and Vision of SFC explained in a trail map form. Other languages are available below.

T.I.M.E. Booklet

Embark on a T.I.M.E. Travel trip with your close friends to empower other leaders.


If you need a reimbursement for money spent on a community meal or recent event, we got you. Here’s the form!

Can't find it?

We realize it might be difficult to process a page full of links. It’s also difficult for us to make sure all of SFC’s amazing resources are up to date and online. If there is something you’re looking for and you’re not finding it on this page, then reach out to us. We’d love to help you find it.