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May 28, 2021 | News

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All over the world, solo skiers, groups of shredders, and partner organizations have felt the call to engage with this dark culture that we love by bringing the light of Jesus to everyone we meet. For a while, SFC operated mostly as a chapter-based ministry. Over the last few years, however, we’ve realized that people live out SFC in so many unique, God-purposed ways, and that often doesn’t look like a clear-cut group of people hosting weekly events at a local ski hill. So, we want to make that official.

We’ve revamped and restructured our website, and you can now check it out right here! “We are SFC” is a phrase that came up over and over again as we talked through the various ways people live out the values of SFC, and we wanted to make sure that every shredder for Jesus could find resources, a like-minded community, and specific training to do that well. If God has called YOU to bring Jesus’ name to the shred culture, however that looks, we want to support you. We hope our new website makes that easy.


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