The Power of a Donut

Mar 14, 2023 | Devotionals

“Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?” John 6:9

No this has nothing to do with a new weight loss program or bribing my kids even though that has worked at times.  This is the simple story of ministry and God working through simple things such as a dozen donuts.  

At the beginning of the ski season God laid on my heart Laurel Mountain. I didn’t know why, as it is truly one of the smallest, least visited ski resorts in the area. But I knew without a doubt He was leading me there. So for the last 8 weeks or so every Tuesday I head out with a dozen donuts for the ski patrol, the employees, and any others interested in talking. What occurred from that has truly been God moments. Getting to know the staff, praying with ski patrol, and hearing all kinds of stories.  (Even being known as the donut guy.)

Last week it all came to fruition though. Sitting in the lodge, getting ready to put on my gear I start talking to one of the patrollers and he asks me a kinda humorous question.  “Do you know the Josh from Johnstown who does this kinda stuff to…” I just start laughing and say I am that Josh from Johnstown. Long story short he had been wanting to connect, and through donuts at the mountain God allowed that to happen.  

This past Tuesday we met up again and in talking to him, sharing stories of faith and God working in Johnstown, he is now interested in bringing a group to serve on a Thursday night and lead a local mission trip this summer.

To be honest at the beginning of the season I wanted to go in my flesh to other mountains.  Hindsight, I wouldn’t trade one of those Tuesday’s I’ve gotten to go out there, even the days I don’t ride and just sit and talk.  

Never underestimate how God can move and what He can use. It may not be loaves and fish but donuts and hot chocolate are a pretty good start. Pray that God will use you today in simple ways and watch how He can open doors!


  • Think of a simple way you can serve your local ski hill… Ask God to open the doors. 

  •  Read John 6. Reflect on how God can take your small things and make them grand!

By Josh Knipple|Johnstown, PA


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