New Ways to SFC – Partner

Oct 1, 2021 | News

SFC Partner, Loon Mountain Ministry, worships at the top of the mountain

Our third and final “New Way to SFC” is to become a Partner! SFC Partners minister in the ski and snowboard culture under a name other than SFC. You could be a church, nonprofit, another ski/snowboard ministry, or a multi-sport action sports ministry. When it comes to seeing God bring His Kingdom into new places, the name it happens under is unimportant! We just love that God has called people around the world to pursue this mission alongside us.

As an SFC Partner, you gain access to a worldwide network of people who feel the same call as you: to be a light on the hill. This is by far the greatest benefit. That “you too?!” moment is so special because it means God has united two mighty forces for a Kingdom-bent purpose. And that’s beautiful. Another benefit to becoming an SFC Partner is that you get the support of our Support Office staff. This can come through personal mentorship, prayer, event volunteer support, and resources for discipleship in the shred culture.

There are a few commitments we ask of SFC Partners. The main commitment we ask is that you keep in touch with us. Our global SFC family is tight-knit, and you’ll feel this as soon as you join. Talking regularly with Support Office staff and your Regional/National director helps you stay connected and helps us know how we can best serve you.

Finally, (and this feels like both a commitment and an enforcement of fun), we ask that you attend at least one Regional, National, or International Conference each year. This is key to staying connected with the ministry and encouraged in this calling. Plus, they are incredible! There’s usually teaching, worship, shredding, wakeboarding, and whatever outside-playing is available in the area. It’s always a great time and one of the most memorable parts of the year for SFCers and Partners.

Now that we’ve had this little DTR, are you ready to make it official? If this sounds like something God could be inviting your organization, church, or ministry into, click the button below and fill out the contact form! We’ll be in touch soon to talk you through what this partnership could look like.


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