Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference Recap

Nov 12, 2021 | News

snowboarders and skiers for christ kayaking at the mid-atlantic conference

Words by Josh Knipple, Mid-Atlantic Regional Director

A weekend of contrast, a weekend of differences, a weekend of unity in Christ. We had those  who were brand new to SFC, we had some “seasoned vets.” We had some who were locals,  we had some who were not so close (4 guys from St. Louis with a 10-hour drive). We had introverts, we had extroverts. It was truly an eclectic mix. But at the center of it, we had Jesus.  Going into the weekend there was some discouragement with a few people having to back out but that is the reality of life sometimes We truly believe those who were there are those God placed there for a reason.  

Friday night started out with a time of celebration and humor. It was Lindsey Knipple’s birthday so a few extra locals came out to join us for some cupcakes. Being the genius that I am, I thought trick candles were a good idea. Not thinking that 6 kids under the age of 5 blowing them out doesn’t work, the next thing we knew the smoke detectors in the lodge were all going off. Just shows I’m human, haha. A perfect icebreaker.  

We were then blessed with Sean, a local worship leader coming out to lead us in kicking off the weekend. What a moment, joining voices. I know worship music may not be for everyone but being in the mountains this time of year singing God of Wonders together is something to remember.  

The theme for the weekend ended up being “the answer to someone else’s prayer,” which we ended up discussing throughout the weekend in 4 different sessions. Honestly in sharing during those times, the conviction and encouragement that come from it challenged my own heart as well as others there. Saturday night we had a guest pastor share on Jesus leaving the  99 going after the 1, tying right into our discussions.  

My weekend at camp harmony was not only inspiring but personally insightful. I was challenged in ways that not only gave me more confidence in what I can accomplish physically but mentally as well. I had so much fun kayaking, rock climbing, hiking, and completing the ropes course! As fun as those were, the devotionals were my favorite. The company shared and the motivation poured into me is what I loved about the trip most. I truly felt a genuine sense of harmony. I am so grateful to SFC for the opportunity they have provided and would  love to return.

Mitch Mandel, St. Louis 

Not only was it a challenging weekend spiritually, but physically and mentally. Saturday was a  day filled with experiences including climbing on the rock walls as well as the high ropes course. During that time we saw people conquer fears, encourage each other, and just push one another. What a great way to connect with total strangers to draw together as one.

SFC always brings together the Jesus loving people I need to see.

James Nixon, SFC Capital Region 

For some reason, throughout the weekend my mind kept thinking about the early church. Men and women who otherwise may not have known each other, Jew and Gentile, drew together because of Jesus. I just kept realizing how simple a relationship with one another can be when our eyes are on Christ and we realize if nothing else we have Him as our bond. Love Jesus, Love Snow, This is your community.

The Knipple twins are the cutest. Haha. It’s necessary to be reminded that I’m not the only person on the mountain who loves Jesus. He is good.

Stefanie Koveal, SFC Philly
snowboarders and skiers for christ rock climbing at the mid-atlantic conference


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