Walk with GOD

Apr 16, 2024 | Devotionals

“Enoch walked with God, and he was not, for God took him.”

Genesis 5:24 

Many bible heroes are reflected on as “walking with God.” It wasn’t about all the great things they did, but the time they spent with God. With lives busier than ever and more distractions than ever, this simple task of walking with God can be nearly impossible. Often the focus is to make God the priority for 10 to 60 minutes in the morning and we should.

But, I think we are missing the whole point of having a relationship with Jesus by only giving him part of the day. That doesn’t mean sit in your prayer closet all day, it means bring God out shopping with you, go shredding on the hill with him, look to him when you’re down, when you’re up and everything in-between. I know I personally kick God to the side when I’m in a hurry.

Scripture doesn’t say run with God, but walk with him. Enoch may have got the fast pass and skipped straight to heaven, but God has got a garment of white that awaits those who walk with Him. We get to take part in our inheritance now, slow down and look for Jesus, talk with him more, maybe even go for an actual walk with Him.

  • Instead of questions, do a quick word search in the bible, “walk with God.”

    Don’t be overwhelmed, but meditate on a few verses of what it means to walk with God.

By Andy Finch | Truckee, CA


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