T.I.M.E. Traveling Taos

Apr 30, 2024 | Uncategorized

Years ago, Calgary Chapel in Taos, New Mexico, ended up with an SFC Trail Map. This Trail Map floated around the church and eventually ended up on the pastor’s desk. You see, SFC has been reaching out to churches in Taos for a long time, with hopes to start an SFC Group in the valley. The pastor of Calgary Chapel hung onto this map for years and years. He would receive a call from Drew Loring, SFC’s Southwest Regional Director, about once a year. They would discuss starting a group and the need for an SFC Group in the valley. Most conversations ended with the pastor filled with hope that God would send their church someone interested in starting an SFC group in Taos. 

Fast forward a few years, and God sent them a man named Robert. Robert lived in Taos in his 20s, worked on the mountain, and was super involved in the community. He was consumed by the darkness of ski culture and lived fully into it. It eventually became overbearing, and he moved away. Years later, after becoming a Christian, he felt called back to Taos.

He was shocked at the darkness in Taos and blown away by the lifestyles of the people there. Furthermore, he couldn’t believe he used to live that way. He began looking for a church and visited Calvary Chapel. After service, he chatted with the pastor. He shared that he didn’t know why he felt called back to Taos but knew he was supposed to be there and to do something about the darkness. The pastor immediately knew this was who he had been waiting for. He grabbed the trial map that had landed on his desk once long ago and showed it to Robert. Robert was so excited and ready to do something with SFC. 

Since this day, he has begun faithfully stewarding the start-up of an SFC Group in Taos. Robert was significantly involved in the local community. He began visiting other churches and attending community events. From this, he has acquired quite a large group of other group leaders. The new Group has been slowly experimenting with what the town needs and doesn’t need, what works and doesn’t. They are planning a rafting and camping trip for this Summer to engage the outdoor community. They have loosely partnered with an organization that provides mountaintop services at Taos Valley next winter. They also want to start wax nights next season. Right now, their goal is to build up a foundation of support in the community. 

Last month, Drew set up a T.I.M.E. Travel Trip to Taos, New Mexico, to visit, equip, and encourage the new Group. He headed to Taos shortly after the SFC Conference and spent an entire day with Robert; until now, they had only been communicating over the phone. It was great for them to have in-person time. Robert shared stories of what God was doing in his heart and life. Drew got to take the whole Taos Group to dinner that night. The Group had heard bits and pieces about the SFC Support Office and some basic things about the organization. Drew’s time with them in person was so valuable. He got to share more details about our mission, values, and history at dinner. 

Drew has a map of all the ski resorts across the west above his desk. He tries to get into a routine of consistently praying over those areas. He had been praying especially hard for the year that God would raise leaders in Taos. To get to see this come to fruition and to get to go and meet the leaders God brought to Taos was incredible. He shared with the leaders in that area that they are undeniably there with a purpose, and God brought them together for excellent reasons. 


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