Shredding The Czech republic

Mar 29, 2024 | Uncategorized

Despite the less-than-ideal weather and reliance on artificial snow, a vibrant community of 35 campers from across the Czech Republic converged for a unique winter ski camp experience this past week. However, the spirit of the camp remained undeterred, with the close-knit community banding together to make the most of the situation. Leave it to a group of shredders to have a good time, right? 

Libor Osouch has been hosting ski camps for young people for many years. He started this project with the heart for high schoolers to come to know Jesus and learn how to combine their faith with riding. This year, he noticed an unexpected surge in snowboarders, adding a fresh dynamic to the gathering. In the past, Libor has run these camps mostly on his own. This season, he was blessed with the help of SFC’s European Director Cedric Leung and another SFCer who most call Yoshi Bear. 

Libor invited a guest speaker who captivated the crowd by discussing truth and its significance in contemporary Christian life. This topic resonated especially with newer believers and those rediscovering their faith. Worship nights and Cedric spontaneously sharing his testimony sparked meaningful conversations among the group. 

One notable participant was a returnee camper, an unbeliever, who confessed that the camp had sparked her curiosity about God. This year, she asked more questions and engaged more in discussions about faith. The campsite owner, initially indifferent, expressed gratitude for our group’s presence and even participated in some of the nighttime sessions. She confessed that Libor’s group seemed different to her and that she was happy to be hosting the group for a second year in a row. Libor has already booked the same location for camp next year. He is also planning to host two camps with the help of Cedric and Yoshi Bear—one in the Czech Republic, like usual, and a new camp in the Alps. 

Please pray for more snow in the Czech Republic next season. Pray for new leadership and the continued growth of the Czech Republic ski community.


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