SFC Snoqualmie Pass

Aug 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Jeremy Lange has been ministering in shred culture for a long time. For 13 years Jeremy and his wife lived in Denver, CO where they worked for Youth With A Mission. During his time with YWAM Jeremy collaborated with SFC. He has been a part of SFC for the last decade now. When his wife became pregnant with their fourth child, they moved to Ellensburg, Washington to be closer to family. He now runs the SFC Group at Snoquamie Pass, in Washington.

Vocationally, Jeremy is a youth pastor for a local church. He has a deep desire to get kids out on the ski hill. In Ellensburg, school gets out at noon on Wednesdays and the slopes stay open until 9:00 PM. Jeremy saw this as an opportunity not only to bring kids from his youth group out to ski but for ministry as well. What kid doesn’t want a free ride to the ski hill once a week? Jeremy began to borrow the church van and pick kids up at the church at 1:00 PM on Wednesdays. Ride days are first come first serve and open to anyone. They began to become so popular he had to acquire other volunteer drivers. He asked some of the young adults from the college ministry to help drive. Up to 25 kids come with him to the slopes each week of the winter. Most of the kids are either a part of his youth group or are friends with someone who is.

Some weeks Jeremy instructs the kids to pass out goody bags to the lifties and resort workers. These bags include a Life Book (backpack sized versions of the book of John), candy, granola bars, and a prayer and contact card for the SFC Group. Jeremy encourages the kids to be responsible for passing bags out if the Bible is something they believe in. If it is not, he has a great opportunity to share the gospel with kids he brought out on the hill. Some of the high schoolers from his youth group know Jesus, but they are shy and unsure of how to share the gospel with resort workers and their friends. Jeremy gets to set a great example for them by striking up gospel centered conversations on the chair lift or when passing a goody bag out to a resort worker.

Jeremy is also a snowboard coach. He had one particular student who had no friends, felt out place, and had low confidence. Jermey taught him to snowboard and he took to it and excelled! He invited him to youth group. He began to attend and simultaneously rapidly grew better at snowboarding. He has radically changed since Jeremy met him. He shared the message at youth group just last week.

Jeremy is doing great work on Snoqualmie pass! We are so grateful to have him as a group leader.


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