SFC Bozeman, Montana

Aug 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

In the heart of Bozeman, Montana, lies two ski resorts- Big Sky and Bridger Bowl. SFC leaders Kameron Konklin, David Hamlin, Zach Footer, and Mike Lange took ministry to the next level this season. From slope-side tailgates to wax nights hosted in Zach’s garage, this group interacted with skiers and boarders across Bozeman, sharing Jesus along the way.

Wax nights had a relaxed environment. The group felt they could foster relationships and conversations this way. They recognized a deep hunger for community among the Bozeman locals. Some people started showing up to wax nights to simply hang out. “A lot of people didn’t even bring skis or boards to wax nights,” said Kameron, “They just wanted to hang out and be with other people.” He remembers, “There was one guy who kept showing up. He said he felt SFC events were where he could fit in and talk about skiing.” They had many conversations about Jesus with this young man. Another consistent wax night attendee came to know Jesus through relationships that they built at wax nights!

This year the group started hosting tailgates in the resort parking lots. They’d set up, bring a crew of friends, and pass food out to passersby. Usually people would stop and talk for a few minutes and the crew would get names and numbers. They worked hard to stay in touch with the people they met and invited them to other SFC events. One man they met at a tailgate began going to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes group that Mike runs. Group ride days were also quite a success this season. Large groups would come together, and spend the day shredding the slopes. The excitement of the group caught others’ eyes. People began asking, “Who are you? Are you here with a particular group?” This opened up the door for group leaders to share about SFC and Jesus. Ride days started early in the morning, especially if there was fresh powder. Throughout the season David would text Cole, an unbeliever who had been coming to SFC events, that he would pick him up at 6:30 AM to head to the mountain. Cole responded, “That’s early, man. But I’m all for it. I’m sick of my usual crew sleeping in on powder days because they’re too hungover. That’s one thing I love about hanging with you all. You want to ski as much as possible and are so happy doing it.”

There were about 30 people who consistently showed up each week to SFC events. This season, 15-20 of these individuals took significant steps in their faith. Many conversations about Jesus were had, and one man even came to know Jesus as his savior. God worked in miraculous ways this season through his faithful servants in Bozeman!


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