Meet SFC’s European Director Cedric Leung

Aug 8, 2023 | Uncategorized

Cedric Leung loves the mountains. When he came to know the Lord He began to recognize the darkness that exists in shred culture. Cedric felt God calling him to use his love for the mountains in a different way. Cedric knew it was time for a job change. He had been involved with SFC for a few years when he discovered we were hiring a European Director. “A job that uses two of my biggest passions? God and shredding? Yes. I want to do that,” Cedric thought. He spoke with close friends and elders, who all agreed that he would be great in this role. Flash forward, Cedric has now been SFC’s European Director for an entire year. After attending 4 Euro Season Closer events, Cedric planned his first Closer on his own. “God has been showing me how different each region in Europe is.” He is working hard to navigate those differences.

Cedric’s heart is to work with each nation and culture in Europe to do ministry in a way that is best for them. He has recognized the passion European believer’s have for shredding and sharing the gospel. Cedric has also been working to prepare the next generation of SFC Leaders across Europe. There are many new SFC Leader’s in Europe. Cedric has done an incredible job creatively supporting each new Leader as they navigate ministry in their regions.

Cedric loves traveling, meeting with people, being on the slopes, and serving others. He is expectant of all that the Lord will do throughout next season and the coming years. We are so excited to have Cedric on our team.


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