Life of the Party

Apr 28, 2020 | Devotionals

John 2:1-12

At the beginning of John chapter two, we see Jesus do His first miracle: turning water into wine. Jesus was at a wedding party when catastrophe struck–they ran out of wine. Jesus’ mother comes to him in search of help. Sitting next to them are six stone pots large enough to hold over 20 gallons of water each. So, Jesus tells His disciples to fill them with water and serve it to the wedding guests. When the guests receive the water and drink–instead of tasting water–their mouth is filled with the most delicious wine. Everybody is stoked and goes back to the party. 

This miracle, just like every other miracle Jesus would do, was to be a sign to the world. Verse 11 says this “manifested His (Jesus’) glory”. This miracle was a sign that showed that Jesus was not just an ordinary man, but much, much more. In fact, all the accounts recorded in the gospel of John of Jesus’ miracles, and even teachings and other public and personal interaction, are intended to do this very thing–to communicate that Jesus is God. The God of the heavens in human flesh. 

The thing is, not everybody saw this sign. It was only Jesus’ disciples who watched this all go down. The rest of the people at the wedding were totally oblivious. They had their party and celebrations to attend. But, for the people who did see, what an incredible opportunity! They were able to see a manifestation of Jesus’ glory, and it says they believed in Him, that is, they believed that He was the Son of God. 

I wonder, what are the ways in which God is at work today that we are totally oblivious to? How many of us are so distracted by the “party” that’s going on around us that we miss the King of kings and Lord of lords? How many of us live in fear of missing out on the “party” that we end up sacrificing time to be with the Giver of Life? I believe God is still at work doing amazing things all around us, trying to get our attention, saying, “Hey! I’m here! I’m real!” Maybe it’s time for us to set aside some of those daily distractions so that we can be ready to behold the majesty of God. 


Is there something in your life you feel God calling your attention to?
What is distracting you?
How can you take time to give thanks for the miracles you witness in your life?

By Chris Willett | Lindon, UT


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