JSAW- A Midwest Ministry Partner

Aug 9, 2023 | Uncategorized

In the heart of Edina, Minnesota, resides Help Board Shop, out of which JSAW ministry runs. Surrounded by nine ski resorts, many lakes, and skate culture, Johnny Nelson and Randy Monroe recognized the need for a board sports ministry in the Twin Cities. They started JSAW to provide small groups, mentoring relationships, and leadership programs within the area’s wakeboarding, skating boarding, and snowboarding community. They hired staff and volunteer mentors to build relationships with riders.

Currently, they have two pit trampolines in the board shop. Kids come after school, get on the trampolines with coaches, and then take what they learned to the snow. The nearest ski hill, Highland Hills, is only a mile from the shop. All coaches are riders and believers themselves. They get to share their faith with the kids they coach.

SFC partners with JSAW for outreach events during the winter season. They host wax nights where they pass out hot cocoa, talk about Jesus, and wax people’s skis. JSAW puts on a pre-season rail jam, gathering the shred community together. Their staff puts on a Love a Lifty event on Gaper Day, a known holiday among the shred community. They take coffee and donuts to staff on the slopes before one of the most chaotic days of the season. The ministry also hosts a girls’ ride day event. Many girls from all skill levels are invited to participate in free coaching and a day out on the hill.

JSAW impacted 289 riders throughout the season. Thirty-nine of the riders were in mentoring relationships every week. SFC is so grateful to have JSAW as a partner in ministry.


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