European Director

Aug 3, 2021 | News

SFC friends walking to the ski area in Bosnia

God is growing the movement of SFC worldwide, and our Support Office team needs help to keep up. So we’re hiring! We have a few positions open but in this post, we wanted to highlight our new position: European Director.

The role of the European Director will be to unite, cultivate, equip and encourage all ski/snowboard ministry happening across Europe. This would include all acting SFC groups, partner ministries (SRS, YWAM, Lighthouse, Torchbearers, etc.) as well as individual skiers/snowboarders on mission within this subculture. The European Director will be responsible for mentoring ski/snowboard ministry leaders across national, cultural, and language borders. They will fill a key role in the growth and sustainability of current and future shred ministry across Europe by first leading by example in their own ski/snowboard community. In addition to caring for the larger Christian ski and snowboard community, the role will include networking with churches/partner ministries and taking charge of the vision across Europe.

This position is key to the mission of SFC. If this is something that you or someone you know might be interested in, please check out the job description for more information and details on how to start a conversation with us!


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