As Seen Through a Goggle Lens

Mar 19, 2024 | Devotionals

He says, “Be still, and know that I am God;
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”

Psalm 46:10

I love people.  I love being around people.  I am truly an extrovert at heart.  Yet there is something special, even magical you could say about moments I get alone while riding a ski lift.  Yesterday afternoon was one of those moments.  You see I was doing my weekly donut run out to Laurel Mountain to meet ski patrollers and build relationships with the staff there.  On my way there I prayed that God would speak through those donuts, that those at the mountain would see the joy that I have in going to serve them.  Excited to say, I believe He did just that, from the ticket lady excitedly stating as I walked in, “Hey the snowboarding donut guy is back,” to lining up to take a few laps next week with a new to me, veteran ski patroller, Bob.  Then I was able to talk with and share stories with a guy who writes about different mountains for a living and exchange contact info.  God truly moves and works in strange ways, even in a “Peanut butter cup donut from Sheetz.” So never underestimate how or what He can use and do in your life.

Now I could’ve left at that point and been overjoyed, but I felt in my heart my time at the mountain was not done yet. That God had someone else for me to meet with or a person to encounter. Unknown to me at the moment, the person God wanted me to encounter was Himself. As I was riding upon the lift praying God reminded me of speaking in Scripture through a still small voice and I needed to be still and listen.  

About halfway up the lift, mesmerized by the view and the peace, God began to speak. It wasn’t in an audible voice, but a speaking to my soul. He had me look down and focus on all the tracks in the snow.  Some making wide turns, some short and poppy.  Some heading over grass and rocks, some heading through a foot of snow where the wind had blown. All over the mountain the tracks went, no two the same.  Skiing a mountain is truly a personal choice with many different lines to be had.

I truly believe what God was speaking to me yesterday was that every person chooses their own path, including my kids.  I can lead them, teach them, encourage them, but they still have to choose their own path and experience God in their own personal ways.  Just as I experience God while on the mountain, others might encounter Him while going on a hike, or sitting and reading a book.  Just as I may worship with my hands raised, making up words, and top of my lungs, others may worship singing hymns, or in silence.  We are all different and that is okay.

So maybe before I make judgements about how someone else worships or experiences God, maybe I need to step into their shoes and see God through their eyes.  Step in their “ski boots” and see the turns through their “goggle lens.”  The important thing is that they know God, first and foremost.  You never know how God is going to work or teach them in their own life and experiences.  

The other thing that God was speaking to me yesterday as I sat on the lift is that even though physically I was alone, spiritually I am never alone.  Though others may see me as sitting on the lift be myself, He is right there in my presence with me.  It might sound crazy, but I had my moments of just talking to Jesus.  

What a day!  What a glorious day!  Then to put the icing on the cake, as I went back in the lodge I encountered a few more people and got to share with them what had brought me to the mountain that day.  A higher purpose.  Jesus!

  • Where is the place when you can “be still” while alone and talk to God?

  • Has God taught you something this season that allowed you to see through a different lens? 
  • Sometimes fighting distraction is a challenge. As God to give you peace so you can really listen to what he has to say! 

By Josh Knipple | SW PA


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