A Good Hard Look

Jan 12, 2022 | Devotionals

A Good Hard Look Devotional

“So, my dear Christian friends, companions in following this call to the heights, take a good hard look at Jesus. He’s the centerpiece of everything we believe, faithful in everything God gave him to do.” Hebrews 3:1-3  MSG

If you’ve ever stood at the top of the in-run to a newly built jump, you know how important it is to take a good hard look before you drop in. The same is true in the backcountry, digging a snow pit to see what the snowpack looks like can inform your decision on whether or not to go higher or go home. If we send it sight-unseen, we know the consequences can be painful or even fatal.

The author of the book of Hebrews encourages the early Christians to take a good hard look at Jesus. For the people receiving this letter, this reminder to examine and inspect Jesus was crucial. The easy way out was to look at their ancestors and the traditions they were familiar with – but to grow and experience new life requires Jesus. For some folks, blind-belief is all they need. For most people, careful consideration and well-thought-out questions allow them to find their way to faith in Jesus.

Just as each day in the mountains brings different variables with wind, sun, snow, clouds, crowds, and close friends, so does each day following Jesus. The conditions we find ourselves in always warrant a good hard look at Jesus. Maybe you are in a familiar zone, a little bit too comfortable with the way things are and you may take unnecessary risks. What if you are bored with the same old tricks and there’s someone inviting you to follow to the next step?  Or could it be that you’re about to push off from the top of a new pitch, uncertain if you’ll nail that crucial first turn, knowing in your gut that if you do, this will be so sweet. 

Wherever you’re at, take a good hard look at Jesus. 


  • Have you ever had a time when you should have taken a good hard look at something first? What was the result? 
  • When was the last time you took a good hard look at Jesus? 
  • What do you think God will do in you as a result of opening the Bible and seeing Jesus from a new angle in the conditions of your life right now?

By Tim Herset | Kalispell, MT


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