70 Days of Prayer

Mar 13, 2015 | News

Attention all friends/SFC family:

As most of you are aware, our SFC International Conference is happening in Ramsau, Austria May19-24th. We are planning on about 75-100 people in attendance from 8 or 9 (or who knows how many) countries all over the world. We are expecting God to do amazing things in and through those in attendance, because according to Jesus’s words to His own Believers, “where two or more of your are gathered in my name, there I am in your midst”.

That means that WE are the conduit for Him to show up and work. That’s awesome! It’s literally our responsibility to GET OURSELVES TOGETHER in His name to see what He has planned for us!

So, in preparation and expectation, we have decided as the worldwide Body of SFC Family Members to commit to pray every single day for 70 straight days starting Sunday March 15th and ending on Pentecost Sunday (the final day of the SFC Conference) May 24th.

We are praying and expecting His Holy Spirit to show up and do radical things every day until then and especially ending on our celebration of the Day of Pentecost when we’re all together gathered in the upper room worshipping and seeking Him just like the disciples were in Acts when the Holy Spirit first came upon the Believers.

Now, if all this Holy Spirit/Pentecost talk is a little bit wild and kind of “out there” for you, we get it. We have always been a little bit “out there” after all. However, we are asking YOU to JOIN US in praying every day for the following four things.

First, pray for YOUR OWN HEART and that God would continue to fill you with His Spirit and form you more and more into the image of Jesus. Second, pray for YOUR OWN COMMUNITY and that God would use you as His beacon of hope in the shred culture right there in your backyard. Thirdly, pray for the SHRED CULTURE IN YOUR NATION and that it would be lit up by the light of Jesus. And fourthly, pray for the WORLDWIDE SHRED CULTURE and the leaders around the world who have heard the call to step up to be the light of Jesus right there in the midst of it.

To learn more about the conference or to register online, go HERE. Thanks for joining us!


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