2022 Conference Recap

Dec 27, 2022 | News

snowboarders and skiers for christ with waterville valley ski area in the background

Shredders from around the world left the Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ Conference in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire with new friends, practical tools, and some fantastic stories. Despite the weather refusing to cooperate in providing skiable conditions, and in fact, providing a terrible environment for biking and hiking as well, the crew spent their free time making memories, exploring surrounding towns, swapping stories, and making the best of the situation.

One of the most important goals for an event like this is to connect people with friends and supporters who understand the mission and can sustain each other relationally through a long season of disciple making. We’ve received countless stories in our feedback from attendees about how urgent these new relationships are.

One example of that is from a fantastic friend and artist who joined us this year. Morgan Anderson got connected with SFC when she drew and designed some rad ShredMango merch for the ministry. When we invited her to the conference this year, we had no idea what God had in store for her and her heart that weekend. ⁠

The conference was life-changing for me!⁠

I’ve been going through a really rough past couple years where I’ve felt like god wasn’t there for me and ultimately just didn’t feel like I was a Christian anymore.⁠

Right away when I was dropped off at the hotel I met so many incredible people! I got put in a room with three other girls and instantly became best friends with them like we’ve all known each other forever!⁠

Over the weekend I could feel how I was reconnecting with God in a way I’ve never felt before, and during worship one of the nights I felt the holy spirit wash over me and I knew in that moment I was finally ready to let go of everything else and follow God wholeheartedly.⁠

I can’t thank everyone at SFC enough for giving me a place where I felt like I finally completely fit in and for bringing me back to god!⁠

This is such a wonderful example of how God can use this conference to change lives in the ski and snowboard culture. We’re so excited about the relationships formed and the tools learned at the year’s conference. The speaking line-up included authors and speakers from Alabama, Colorado, Virginia, and Australia, and covered this year’s theme of shred ministry in a post-Christian world with wisdom and grace.

Thanks so much to everyone that took the time this busy season to join us to worship, learn, and grow together. And another special thanks to all of the people who donated to support the conference scholarship fund and made it possible for many to be a part of this event.

Group photo of snowboarders and skiers for christ conference 2022


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