2021 Anual Report

Dec 16, 2021 | News

Opening Letter

Although the last year has been a challenging one, God has shown up in new and surprising ways. Once again the 2020/2021 winter season was marked by a lot of canceled events for SFC and the larger ski industry alike. We all scrambled to find creative solutions to stay on the hill. Naturally, we at SFC were disappointed to cancel some of our trips and outreach events, but the opportunity for each of us to pivot and invest more deeply on a local level turned out to be such a blessing. Our team was also able to take advantage of the opportunity to create digital resources like the online Being & Doing course and the freshly launched SFC Podcast.

This year we’ve abridged this update to focus more on the stories of the amazing people in our communities and the efforts they’re making to Be the Light of Jesus in towns around the world. Through the trials of the last two years we’ve seen new mental health issues, illness, and disconnection from our friends and family in a unique way but we’ve also seen hope. Just as in Isaiah 40 God was on the move through uncertain times “doing a new thing,” in and through His people, today God is doing a new work in and through each of us in our communities and we know that His plan can be trusted.

Randal Schroeder
Snowboarders & Skiers for Christ
Chief Operating Officer and US National Director


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